Air Force Experience

These are some of the jobs I held while I was working in military broadcasting. If I included my temporary duty assignments my fingertips would have been worn out by my keyboard. You'll find that duties in military broadcasting area are far more comprehensive than in the commercial sector. The nature of military broadcasting necessitates qualification in all areas of broadcasting. A fully trained, and experienced, military broadcaster is capable of performing virtually any task associated with broadcasting in both radio and television.

1986-1990 Detachment Chief/Station manager at the Air Force European Broadcasting Squadron (AFEBS) station in Athens, Greece. I was responsible for all aspects of station operation. I supervised 14 broadcasters and technicians. EBS-Athens was chosen as the best military broadcast operation in Europe, while under my management, in 1986. During time frame I also managed the AFRTS Super Station at Incirlik Air Base just outside Adana, Turkey for 6 weeks. The station served 42 sites in Turkey with AM/FM and Television programming 24 hours a day. All sites, other than Incirlik were served via satellite and required extensive negotiation with Turkish nationals to maintain a quality broadcast signal.

1983-1986 Detachment Chief/Station Manager at the Far East Network (FEN) affiliate at Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines. I was responsible for all aspects of the operations, including an equipment inventory worth more than 2 million dollars. At times, due to lack of manpower, I hosted daily radio programs, shot and produced television news stories and features, and produced radio and television spot announcements.

1977-1983 I was assigned to the American Forces Radio Service (AFRS) in Athens, Greece. During this period I worked every position in the station from Staff Announcer to Station Manager. I was selected as Billboard Magazine's "#1 Air Personality" in the military category in 1978. An aircheck of the program submitted is available on request. Supervised 12 broadcasters and technicians.

1976-1977 I was assigned to the American Forces Korea Network (AFKN) key station in Seoul. My main duties while in Korea were network news anchor (radio and television) and network radio program host. In addition to my main duties I wrote and produced radio and television features and spot announcements.

1975-1976 I was assigned to the Aerospace Audiovisual Service Headquarters at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California. Duties covered all aspects of television production to include; directing, switching, camera operation, editing, talent, narration, lighting and audio.

1973-1975 I was assigned to the American Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT) station at Ching Chuan Kang (CCK), Taiwan. This was a radio only outlet. During my time at this station I was program director and host of daily radio programs.

1972-1973 I was assigned to the American Forces Thailand Network (AFTN) station at Nakhon Phanom (NKP), Thailand. While working for AFTN-NKP I worked all radio shifts. Format was mixed. In addition to doing daily disk jockey jobs I also anchored the evening television news, shot and edited television news stories and features, directed television programming, operated an automated FM system and wrote and produced spot announcements for radio and TV.

Other qualifications: I have over 14 years experience with IBM and compatible computers. I use WordPerfect, WordPro and Word wordprocessors on a daily basis. I use many different HTML editors for creating Web Pages. I'm totally familiar with PowerGold for radio programming and Digital Studio software for automation. I've also used SuperScheduler and Selector for programming, but not extensively. I'm extremely comfortable with all versions of DOS and Windows/Win95. I have the ability, and resources, to utilize computer technology for virtually any purpose.

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