Commercial Experience

I've been involved in Radio/Television Broadcast and Audio Visual Production since 1963 with the exception of a 4 year period, 1964-1968, while serving in the United States Air Force (USAF) as a firefighter.

I have over 20 years management experience and over 30 years broadcast/audio visual experience.

I've been working with IBM and compatible computers over 14 years. I use most DOS and Windows wordprocessors, WordPerfect, WordPro, Word, etc. I design Internet Web Pages totally in text mode. One of these years I may be able to afford a good editor. I'm totally familiar with PowerGold for radio programming and Digital Studio software for automation. I've also used SuperScheduler and Selector for programming, but not extensively. I'm extremely comfortable with all versions of DOS and Windows and have a working knowledge of Windows 95. I have the ability, and resources, to utilize computer technology for virtually any purpose.

Chronological commercial broadcast positions are as follow:

Nov 1993-Present Self employed doing broadcast consultation, commercial voice work and Web Page Design.

Nov 1990-Sep 1993 Managing Director POP FM, Athens, Greece. During my tenure as Managing Director the station progressed from being non-rated to the fourth or fifth station in Athens, depending on the rating service. POP was only a concept in September 1990 and I was given the responsibility of bringing that concept to fruition. In 6 weeks I designed the station, set the format, ordered the equipment, broadcast library and associated materiel and installed most of it. POP-FM was the first station in Greece to use automation and a Bulletin Board System (BBS) to provide broadcast information to listeners and also to furnish the station with valuable input from listeners for programming decisions.

Sep 1989-Nov 1990 Director Foreign Repertoire/Producer/Air Talent with SKY FM (now SKAI), Athens, Greece. I was responsible for all foreign music programming at SKY. I also produced a daily top rated English language music program titled "The Jam". While at SKY I secured the production and broadcast rights for, and locally produced, "American Top 40", a countdown program of "Billboard" magazine's weekly Top 40 music chart that's extremely popular worldwide. "American Top 40" had aired in Greece before, but this was the first Greek language version. Talk about a challenge! I did the first couple of programs with the Greek host. An aircheck of an hour of one of the programs, my portion only, is available by clicking the sound button. It's about three minutes 45 seconds long. If you don't have the Real Audio player and would like to download it click on the Real Audio icon.


Staff Announcer KCOK AM, Tulare, California.
Morning Drive 6-11. Format - AC.

Staff Announcer KNGS AM, Hanford, California.
Morning Drive 6-10. Format - C & W.

Staff Announcer KIDD AM, Monterey, California.
Midday 10-2. Format - CHR.

Staff Announcer KTIP AM, Porterville, California.
Afternoon Drive 4-8. Format - CHR.

Staff Announcer KOAD AM, Lemoore, California.
Evenings 6 - Midnight. Format - AOR.

1963-1964 Staff Announcer KONG AM, Visalia, California.
Evenings 6-Midnight. Format - CHR.

The number of stations I worked from 1969-1971 was due to the nature of small to medium market radio in the United States. I wasn't working under contract to any of the stations and moves were due to better offers i.e., working hours, larger market size or salary, from other stations. I reentered the United States Air Force in 1971 because of a recruiting drive for people with prior service and experience in broadcasting.

The following are part-time commercial positions held while on active duty with the USAF:

1975-1976 Staff Announcer KMEN AM, San Bernardino, California.
Weekend Mornings 6-11. Format- CHR.

My military job was as a Television Production Technician with the Aerospace Audio Visual Service. My duties covered all aspects of television production to include; directing, switching, camera operation, editing, talent, narration, lighting and audio.

1971-1972 Staff Announcer KFLI AM, Mountain Home, Idaho.
Weekend Mornings 6-12. Format-CHR.

While stationed at Mountain Home AFB I worked in Public Affairs and Personnel.

The above are the only times I've had military assignments in the United States. All other service was outside the United States.

For my full military broadcast history click here.

I'm always looking for a job. If you have questions I can be contacted at the following:

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