Muoi Khuntilanont's Recipes

A Jad (Cucumber Pickle)
A Jad Sauce
Basics Of Thai Curry Pastes
Gaeng Khiao Wan Kai (Green Chicken Curry) - 1
Gaeng Phed Kai - (Red Chicken Curry)
Gai Pad Prik Khing (Chicken And Vegetables)
Gratiem Dong (Pickled Shallots And Garlic)
Green Curry Paste [2]
Kaeng Djuut Wunsen Kai - A Chicken Soup
Kaeng Khua Saparot (Prawn And Pineapple Curry)
Kaeng Masaman Thai Islamic Curry Beef
Kai Kaeng - Chicken Casserole
Kai Sai Takrai - Chicken And Lemon Grass
Kanom Muoi - Thai Style Starters
Khai Pad Gaprao - Chicken With Holy Basil
Khao Mu Daeng - Red Pork With Rice
Khao Pad Sapparot - Stir Fried Rice And Pineapple
Kuaitiao Neua - Beef Noodle Soup - 1
Kuaitiao Neua - Beef Noodle Soup - 2
Lab Kai (Spicy Ground Chicken)
Mee Goreng
Muoi's Mee Krob
Mu Yang Takrai (Bbq Pork With Lemon Grass)
Nam Jim Polamai - Fruit Dip
Nam Jim Rod Dedt (Chili With Garlic And Vinegar Sauce)
Nam Jim Satay (Peanut Sauce)
Nam Jim Sate (Satay Peanut Sauce)
Nam Jim Wan - Sweet Dipping Sauce
Nam Prik Kiga (Chile Sauce) - And An Appetizer.
Nam Prik Narok Dipping Sauce (Hell Fire Sauce)
Nam Prik Pao (Chile And Garlic Paste)
Nine Flavored Salad
Nua Yang Nam Tok (Waterfall Beef)
Pad Mi Korat Phet (Hot Noodles, Korat Style)
Pad Ped Mu - Stir Fried Pork
Pad Thai - Stir Fried Noodles - Muoi's
Phraram Long Song - Meat In A Peanut Sauce
Prik Kaeng Kiao Wan (Green Curry Paste)
Prik Kaeng Masaman (Masaman Curry Paste)
Prik Kaeng Panaeng (Red Curry Paste)
Prik Kaeng Phet (Hot Red Curry Paste) - Phet Means Hot
Red Curry Paste
Satay Kai (Chicken Satay) Muoi's
Seua Rong Hai (Barbecued Beef)
Spiced Rice Vermicelli
Sweet And Sour Spareribs
Thai Chicken Satay - Muoi's
Thai Dinner For 10 (In 30 Minutes)
Tom Kha Kai - Chicken Soup With Coconut Milk
Tom Khing Kai - Gingery Chicken Soup
Tom Yum - Hot And Sour Soup
Yam Talay - Seafood Salad
Yum Moo
Yum Nuea (Beef Salad)