There's absolutely NOTHING I can add to what's already been done by a team of BBQ experts from Rick Thead's BBQ list, especially since version 2.0 came out. Bill Wight, along with other Q'Heads, Ed Pawlowski, Harry Jiles, Danny Gaulden, Jeff Lipsitt aka the Boston Butt, Billy Maynard aka Belly, Rodney Leist, Kit Anderson, David Westebbe aka EskWIRED, David Klose, Rick Otto, Garry Howard, Lloyd Carver, Tom Kelly, Rock McNelly, Rodney Leist, Dan Gill, and The Bear (if I missed anyone let me know) pooled their BBQ know how and came up with the "BBQ Bible". Over 290 pages of the best BBQ info anywhere as far as I'm concerned. This is just the Table of Contents to the BBQ FAQ. Find what you want to know and click on it. You'll be redirected to Vince Vielhaber's site. Vince put the FAQ together in HTML format. You can also download the FAQ in several different versions at


Version 2.0

Table of Contents



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